The Bulldog Trust

Two Temple Place is owned by The Bulldog Trust. Founded as a charitable trust by Richard Q Hoare, the Bulldog Trust has given financial and advisory assistance to charities for over 30 years. Intrinsic to its work is the ethos of making a real difference to the organisations it helps.

Two Temple Place supports the charitable activities of the Trust through exhibitions and events hosted in the building.

Specific initiatives run by the Bulldog Trust include the Engaging Experience Philanthropy Network launched in 2009. EEPN inspires and supports individuals interested in putting their professional skills to use in the charitable sector by connecting business people with charities online and through events. EEPN are set to launch the first franchise outside London in partnership with a grassroots grant-maker in 2013.

The Bulldog Donor Fund offered since 2009, is a bespoke donor-advised fund service for substantial donors which promotes and simplifies giving.

Since 2012, The Golden Bottle Bulldog Joint Funding Initiative aims to offer small development grants to charities based on the case presented, rather than funder criteria.

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