The ‘Engaging Experience Philanthropy Network’

The Bulldog Trust established the Engaging Experience Philanthropy Network (EEPN) in London in 2009 to encourage and engage professionals with opportunities to use their professional skills for the benefit of charities.

EEPN has attracted over 800 professional members and helps charities each year find trustees or legal, business, marketing, communications or strategic support they need, through events and online support.

Through regular emails, members are inspired
and connected with charitable projects which
allow them to match their professional skills and interests with the needs of particular charities. Numerous members have been partnered up with charities. From a trustee appointed to an African medical charity, to a private equity executive offering structuring and fundraising support to a large environmental charity in the UK, to a lawyer providing legal oversight to a London youth group.

The EEPN Events

There are a number of EEPN events at Two Temple Place to give members the opportunity to hear from senior figures who have had an extensive and positive experience of charitable involvement and demonstrate that not only is it possible to be engaged with charity while building your career but that it can actually help. Compelling personal stories from inspiring philanthropists show members that using professional skills for charity can be very rewarding both personally and professionally and can release their wider potential in business.

Speakers have included the UK Ambassador for Philanthropy, Dame Stephanie Shirley, Damon Buffini, former head of Permira, Tutu Agyare, hedgefunder and our own former Chairman Patrick Burgess MBE, also Chairman of Capital Shopping Centres Group Plc.

The events also provide members with the opportunity to meet a number of ground-breaking charities, projects and social enterprises looking for specific commercial expertise to assist them with taking their projects to the next level.

Our next EEPN event will be held in 2015 at Two Temple Place. For details of previous events, click here.

We welcome new members!

If you would like to join the EEPN or are interested in attending one of the events, please contact Alison Marston,  For more details, please visit

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